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International Sector Examines via Internet for Annual Training
Published:2021-01-08 Source:JINOCCO tags:

On January 8th, 2021, JINOCCO international sector holds online examination for all personnel in order to implement annually winter training, better publicize and effectively execute management documents.

To solve problems encountered in overseas business operation, JINOCCO international sector adheres to the problem orientation and formulates the notice for carrying out 2021 training and examination of international sector management documents, which determines that the examination shall be in the form of closed book, Answer question with computer and mobile phone. The management personnel of the international business division supervised the domestic examination room, Tajikistan examination room and Saudi Arabia examination room on the spot or online, and standardized the examination process.

Before the examination, the international business division spent 15 days collecting, integrating and summarizing the exercises to form a complete set of question bank. Then Mr. Andrew Chen, director of the international business division, selects topics from the question bank and reviews them to form a complete set of test papers. The process of keeping test papers should be strictly carried out. The examination content adopts "single choice + multiple choice" and "short answer + discussion essays". The closed book examination mainly examines 29 management documents of the international sector, and analyzes and answers the actual cases of the vision and enterprise spirit of the international sector, the work style and basic management principles of the international sector, the "18 concepts" advocated by the team building of the international sector, and project management, employee qualification promotion, competition management, etc.

In order to ensure the safety, smooth and fair implementation of the examination for all personnel of JINOCCO international sector. The day before the exam, the model test was carried out, and the simulated test paper was logged into the OA system to establish the online answering mode. The network and on-the-spot monitoring of the whole examination process enable the examinees to strictly abide by the discipline of the examination room, answer questions carefully and check carefully. The examination is in good order. This examination has led to the learning of the management personnel of JINOCCO international sector, effectively improved learning ability of the management personnel of JINOCCO international sector, and laid a solid theoretical foundation for the further implementation of JINOCCO international sector management.


The online examination has achieved the original purpose and requirements. The online video examination is also the first online answer of JINOCCO international sector. The strict examination implementation process makes all examination sites of JINOCCO international sector implement unified instructions, standards, requirements and implementation.


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