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Importance of data management
Published:2019-06-03 Source:JINOCCO tags:

Reporter: Cassie Dong

"Talents, systems, data and technology are the four essential properties of an enterprise" is one of the eighteen concepts of the JINOCCO international sector. Big data is the most popular vocabulary and the most potential frontier technology and management methods. Data is not only digital, but also empirical data, copywriting, pictures, audio and video. It is hard to understand that world is data, however only such understanding is comprehensively right.

The g importance of data management is always being stressed within JINOCCO international sector. Since 2013, mobile hard disks have been required to be reserved, and special personnel are responsible for collecting data generated in project operation and daily management regularly, and storing them after classifying and summarizing. In the last work, it embodies the role of data management.

Our company recently updates her brochure, some international project pictures need replacement, which involved the Saudi Arabian project pictures in 2013. All the required pictures were found in the mobile hard disk. It is impossible to accomplish this task without good data management every workday.

The most important role of data management is reference for decision-making. No data, no management. In the future, we should persevere in data management, and at the same time gradually improve the understanding of data and the application of data in the company's operation and management.

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